Redeye Bass


Micropterus coosae


The red color of eyes and fins easily separates this species from other bass. Redeye bass generally are brownish to greenish in color with vertical bars with light centers along their sides and are bronze-olive above, dark olive mottling, yellow-white to blue below. Has a prominent dark spot on the gill cover. Has scales on the base portion of the soft-rayed dorsal fins, clearly connected first and second dorsal fins, and an upper jaw bone that does not extend beyond the eyes.

Where to find them: 

Redeye bass are found in North America in the Alabama, Savannah, Coosa, Chattahoochee, and Warrior River systems in Georgia and Alabama, and in southeastern Tennessee (Conasauga drainage).

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Redeye Bass (Ben Roussel)
Redeye Bass (Ben Roussel)

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